All-remote workspace

All-remote workspace

GitLab is my first all-remote job, with the handbook being a great helpful resource. I'm iterating on finding the best equipment, shared on this page.

Current Setup

The standing desk and curved monitor reasons are detailed in this blog post.


I'm using an Elgato Key Light on the front left. Still experimenting in the new flat (2023) with the best lighting.  I've also been reading the GitLab handbook and watched this helpful video.

Audio and Streaming

I've updated the microphone and streaming setup in June 2021, with more details in this blog post.


Macbook Pro 14 inch, M1 Max, 32 GB RAM, 2021 M1 Silicon architecture. Setup and tools are documented in my dotfiles project.

For travel, I'm using the Native Union Stow Slim, 14", Indigo. It provides a magnetic closire, and keeps the Macbook safe.  


A little chaotic, always with the Eisenhower matrix in sight.

Apps and settings

I manage most of the apps and settings with dotfiles and Homebrew in this repository. I've also written a blog post with more insights on ZSH and alike.  

Insights into my workday

I recommend watching this talk or peeking into the slides. More all-remote resources can be found in the GitLab handbook. 🦊

Many workflows are still accurate in 2023+. You can learn more in my yearly reflection blog posts: 1 year, 2 years, 3 years.

Remote Background

I've played around with backgrounds and found the personal easter eggs very appealing. How many can you spot? :-)